How to Become a Fitness Influencer in 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to be your own boss and start earning money from home as a fitness influencer on Instagram? Fitness influencers can make some serious cash through brand promotions and sponsorships. Not to mention how rewarding it is to inspire and motivate others on their own fitness journeys. So how do you become an Instagram influencer and start getting paid? Follow these three simple steps, and your account could soon become Instafamous!

Step One: Build Your Brand

What kind of fitness influencer are you?

Every fitness influencer is unique in their own way. Some accounts focus on a goal-oriented journey, like weight loss or building muscle definition. Other influencers specialize in a particular sport or practice, like yoga, cycling, or weight lifting. Many popular fitness pages center on exercise routines, while others provide detailed advice for nutrition and lifestyle changes. What kind of fitness influencer are you destined to be? What qualities about yourself and your journey would be interesting, unique, or marketable to an audience?
Once you’ve nailed down your style and point of view, start posting consistent, high-quality content. Photos and videos that are well-lit and highly contrasting perform better than dim, grainy, washed-out footage. When it comes to posting content on your profile, quality is definitely more important than quantity. Lower quality content that is still interesting or relevant can always be posted to your profile’s Stories section instead. Followers love watching stories as a way to take a glance at your behind-the-scenes life and connect on a more intimate level.
Thoughtful captions that explain your goals, routines, and motivations are essential. Photos and videos on their own can only convey so much to your followers. One of the best ways to meaningfully engage with your audience on their fitness journey is to motivate and empower them through your words. Your followers will become more invested in you as an influencer if they can relate to you on a personal level.

Step Two: Increase Your Engagement

Followers & engagement

You can’t be a successful influencer on Instagram unless you have a lot of followers. Advertisers want their products to be seen by as many people as possible, so having a big audience is important. However, in the end, engagement is far more important than follower count.
Instagram engagement refers to the amount of likes and comments your posts receive in relation to your follower count. Advertisers want to partner with influencers who have a high level of engagement on their posts.

Why is engagement so important?

An Instagram account with high levels of engagement is attractive to advertisers for two primary reasons:
For starters, engagement makes your profile seem more genuine. Have you ever seen an Instagram account with hundreds of thousands of followers, but very little interaction on their posts? What about a picture with thousands of likes, but only one or two comments? Suspicious activity like this can be a red flag to potential advertisers. Accounts with these low engagement rates are likely to have bought fake likes or followers. Advertisers don’t want to work with fake followers, so having a high engagement ratio is attractive to brands.
Aside from proving that your following is real, a high engagement ratio also shows that your audience is responsive, interested, and involved. If an influencer receives a lot of attention on their posts, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to convert a lot of sales too.

How to increase Instagram engagement

Increasing your engagement on Instagram can be as simple as it sounds … just start by engaging more with other users. Liking pictures, leaving relevant comments, and following accounts similar to your own will draw potential fans to your profile. Instagram users want to do more than just look at your pictures — they want to actually connect with you too. While this can all be done manually, many fitness influencers have found success using automated growth services like Magic Social.

Is automation right for you?

The best influencers dedicate their time to creating quality content, not searching for followers. Endlessly scrolling through Instagram to like and follow potential fans is tedious, time-consuming work. This time is better spent filming your workout routine, perfecting your meal plan, and editing your content. While your personal touch is needed for responding to comments and actually talking to fans, tasks like liking and following new users is better left to the automation.
Marketing experts at Magic Social are especially skilled at growing fitness accounts. For starters, they understand how to reach a large audience interested in exercise and nutrition. Magic Social gets results by targeting the followers of other fitness pages, people who geotag themselves at local gyms, users who post relevant hashtags, and more. Plus, they offer consulting services as well. It’s nice to have an expert on hand if you have any questions about growing strategies or what type of content you should post.

Step Three: Monetize Your Following

Interacting with your audience

Maintain your engagement rate by keeping your page active and exciting. Holding contests and giveaways is a fun way to start a buzz amongst your followers. Everybody loves winning free stuff! Furthermore, you can post interactive stories that include surveys, questions, slider bars, and clickable tags.
Be enthusiastic and personable with your fans. Respond to comments on your posts and write captions that encourage followers to interact in some way. Try asking your followers a question, telling them an engaging story, or encouraging them to share your posts with their friends.

Connecting with brands

Make it easy for brands to contact you. There are three primary methods advertisers use to connect with influencers. First, they may reach out to you directly on Instagram by messaging you. This method is unreliable for connecting with brands; these messages can easily get lost in your inbox, and the offers are often fake. Sometimes, however, genuine deals can be made through Instagram DMs.
Including an email or phone number on your Instagram account makes contacting you a breeze for brands. If you have a business account on Instagram, this can be done by adding your information under Contact Options in your settings. Advertisers interested in working with you can then reach you with the press of a button.
Are you tired of waiting for the brands to come to you? Signing up for an influencer network or marketing platform can help you reach potential brands. Being a part of an influencer network lets companies know that you’re ready and willing to work with them to promote their products. Additionally, many of these platforms assist you with completing transactions.

Start Growing Your Account Today

Experts predict the influencer marketing industry could be worth $10 billion by the year 2020. There’s a ton of money to be earned on Instagram, both as an influencer and as a brand. The time is now to start growing your account, so that you can get a slice of that action! Start posting some content, interact with fans, and feel the power of an Instagram growth service. Anyone can become an influencer with a little hard work and some magic!